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Property Management Service Pricing

At Property Management Partners, our goal is to develop partnerships with our clients that allows them to grow their wealth from being a single unit investor to a portfolio owner, or to trade up to larger properties over time.

We are transparent with our fees from day 1 because we don’t compete on them, we know that we will add more value to your investing experience than you’ll pay us, or what our competitors can provide.

We know this relationship will work at these rates because we own property and charge ourselves the same as any other client and are successful at it.

Our fees include everything you need to take your mind off your investment and work on acquiring more real estate, or enjoying your life!


Units Under Management
9 units or less
10 units or more
10.0% of collected rent
8.0% of collected rent

Our residential fees are capped at a maximum $125/month, but also a minimum of $75/month. Everyone knows that managing a home that rents for $1,500/month is not much different than one that costs $700/month, so why charge so much more in management fees?

Leasing Fee: 50% of monthly rent anytime a new tenant is placed in the house.

4-6% of Collected Rent Depending on Property Type

Leasing Fee: 5% of gross lease anytime a new tenant is placed in the house, 2.5% for lease renewals greater than one year.

The minimum commercial leasing fee shall be 1 month’s rent for a new tenant and ½ month’s rent for a renewal.

We provide professional, licensed and insured maintenance work that is done right the first time. Our staff focuses on long term solutions not temporary fixes and can demonstrate life cycle savings through this approach and our preventative maintenance program.

  • $45/hour for self-performed work (90% of work orders)
  • Maintenance Markup Fee: 10% of 3rd party vendor invoice
  • Re-Key Fee: $42.50/door
  • Preventative Maintenance Program: $150.00/year for Residential, Multifamily Priced Based on Property and Commercial is Actual Vendor Costs plus Maintenance Markup Fee.